Spots:  May, 2008
  Bowl of Coffee
  First and Last
  The Rivals and Lloyd
  It's Been a Long Winter, Annabel
  The Mission
  Bob the Dog
  The Sadness and the Furry
  A Ballad of Tomorrow's Past
  Good Night My Perfect Darkness
  The Observance of Light
  Forever. Optimus.

Spots:  May, 2006
  Momma Bird
  Deep Dickens
  The Game
  Space Wolf
  Hello Friends
  The Only Living Boy in the Office
  Platonic Pals
  Pancake Jam
  Get Out of My Brain
  Salty and Peppe
  Platonic Pals II

Spots:  November, 2005
  Pillow Fight
  Karpit King Apology
  Karpit King
  Which Witch
  The Match
  Leaving the Office
  Pet Insurance
  Bacon Steak
  Bacon Steak - Accomplished
  Beware the Trappings of Leisure
  For Carlos
  Dragon, Leibmann and Dragon - A
  Dragon, Leibmann and Dragon - B
  Dragon, Leibmann and Dragon - C
  William Elliott Whitmore
  Sometimes Blue
  Avian Flu

Spots:  May, 2005
  Remembering Monticello
  Barnaby Owens
  Welcome to the Biz
  40 Stills
  Spring is Here
  My Butt's on Fire
  How To Video
  Aren't Women Crazy
  All About You
  Tumultuous Times
  Mondo Confuto
  Hood if I Could
  Still the Story
  Dancing Flower
  Happy Ammunition
  My Inner Circle
  Walking to Work
  The Antecedent of Love Stink